Winter Hiatus

Hey Everyone! Did you survive the holiday season? Somehow I managed to make it through Christmas and New Year’s unscathed. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks thinking about the things I want to accomplish in 2019. Writing, of course, is at the top of the list. In 2018, I managed to write more than … More Winter Hiatus

Seasons Greetings

Happy Holidays, everyone! This is my last post of 2018. For the most part, this year has been an uneventful one. I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago and instead adopted the practice of choosing a word to help guide me through the year. The word I chose for 2018 was CHANGE. … More Seasons Greetings

Scented Toilet Paper – Yay or Nay?

A couple of weeks ago while doing my grocery shopping, I was down the paper goods aisle perusing the toilet paper. As I grabbed for the double-rolled, econo-sized twelve-pack that I usually get, I noticed something different on the shelf above. Same brand. Same econo-sized twelve-pack, only this one was lavender-scented. Lavender-scented toilet paper! Holy … More Scented Toilet Paper – Yay or Nay?

Seasons Greetings

I haven’t blogged much at all this year. In fact, this is only my third post of 2015. I do plan to get back into the swing of things next year. Just wanted to write a quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! See you all next year!

Photo Journal

  This week my sister and I went on a photo adventure to a local environmental center. Since we both have DSLR cameras and want to learn how to use them better, we came up with a plan to go out on some “photo assignments.” We’ve actually talked about doing something like this for a … More Photo Journal

I Suck At Updating

Looks like I’ve gone and neglected my blog once again. It certainly wasn’t intentional, but time management hasn’t been my strong suit of late. In the month or so since my last post, I’ve been busy working on some writing projects. I completed one short story and submitted it to Woman’s World Magazine at the … More I Suck At Updating

Taking A Timeout

Traditionally, I blow off blogging during the month of December. It’s not something I’ve intentionally planned in the past. It’s just the way things have worked out. Well this year I am making the conscious decision to not blog this month – that is, with the exception of this post. Because of the holidays, December … More Taking A Timeout