Focus On The Important Stuff


Here it is, March 4th and I’m finally getting to my first post of the year. Clearly, it’s taken me a little while to get my act together.

The truth is I’ve been mulling over whether or not I want to keep this blog going. I never aspired for this site to be anything more than a hobby, a place to record my creative endeavors, spout off my opinions on the books I was reading, and maybe post an update about my writing progress. But then I just kinda stopped…everything. Didn’t knit much. Stopped taking pictures. Hardly read any books. I started a bunch, but never finished them. And as far as writing, well I worked on that sporadically.

The year 2015 was not a very good year for me. I’ve decided to blame it on the early menopause I’ve been dealing with for a number of years now. I started showing signs of “the change” when I was around thirty-nine (I’m forty-six now). At first the symptoms were fairly mild with occasional night sweats. Over the years the symptoms have gotten progressively worse, but not completely unbearable, just annoying and embarrassing at times. By far, last year was the worst – insomnia, brain fog, a constant state of exhaustion, sweating non-effing-stop, and zero energy. Most days after work I’d just vegetate in front of the TV or doze on the couch.

Over the past few months the symptoms have been easing up – the beginning of the end I hope – and I’m starting to feel normal again. The plan now is to focus my energy on things that were once important to me, like writing and becoming a published author.

As for this blog, I’ll be updating it once a week because I’m just not ready to let it go yet, even if I only have a readership of one (and you know who you are).

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