Back To Basics

spiral notebook and pen

Lately, I’ve been distracted and it’s derailed my writing habit. Too much time spent on the internet is to blame. I’ve been visiting writing blogs and websites along with publishing sites trying to learn more about the publishing industry. Somewhere along the line I lost focus of the most important aspect of the writing business – the writing.

My mind is now cluttered with stuff that I shouldn’t even be thinking about at this point. As a result, my work in progress has stalled out. I need to simplify, declutter my mind, and turn down the noise.

I need to get back to writing.

The best approach, I think, is to just go back to the basics. Remove any business/career aspect out of the equation and just write for pure pleasure. Start writing little by little each day.

One way to help draw my focus back to writing is Sarah Selecky’s Daily Writing Prompts. A new prompt will be delivered every day via email. The only rule is to devote ten minutes a day to writing from each prompt, and to do this by hand in a notebook. The idea is to create a daily habit, and pretty soon, as Sarah says, “you’ll be well-practiced in the art of sitting down quietly and consistently to watch your mind for new images and words.” That’s the end result I’m looking to achieve, and it will help me get back on track with my work in progress.

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