Song Title Inspiration

I love the song, Whiskey Drinking Woman by Nazareth. The other day while getting ready for work I heard it and my creative juices started to flow.

I asked myself questions like Who is this whiskey drinking woman and why does she drink so much? What does she look like? What led her to become such a lush? Is she a sloppy drunk or does she have a high tolerance? Does she spend her nights praying to the porcelain god? What do her loved ones think of her excessive drinking? How does it affect them?, etc., etc., etc.

Later that day, I scrolled through my MP3 player to see what other song titles would make good story starters. I found a lot, so I thought I’d share.

Pick one, listen to the song if you’d like and then write a story. Next week I’ll give you ten more titles to spark your creativity.

3 thoughts on “Song Title Inspiration

  1. Hi Jennifer – I came across your Double moss knit dish rag pattern (from one of your previous locations) and it is perfect for me – the ball you used was 120 yards and I was wondering if you could get more than one rag from that ball? I am purchasing some yarn – 190 yards and was hoping I could get two out of each skein. is that possible? Thank you so much! Susan


    1. Hi Susan – I’m afraid I’m not going to be much help because I don’t know. I made that dish rag over four years ago and made only that one. I was experimenting with different colors and patterns, so when I finished that cloth I moved on to a different pattern and a different skein/color. So I honestly don’t know if there was enough to make another cloth from the skein. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful 😦


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