I Suck At Updating

Looks like I’ve gone and neglected my blog once again. It certainly wasn’t intentional, but time management hasn’t been my strong suit of late.

In the month or so since my last post, I’ve been busy working on some writing projects. I completed one short story and submitted it to Woman’s World Magazine at the end of February. Fingers crossed that they’ll love it and buy it.

Now, I’m working on another story to submit, but I’m having trouble with this particular one. It wants to exceed the 800-word max that WW allows for in their romance fiction. So I’ll be tweaking and playing around with this story for a little longer than I planned.

As far as my blog goes, I do want to start updating regularly. With some proper planning, I think I can swing two or three posts a week. I have some ideas for recurring posts that I’m going to add into the mix, and hopefully those will begin this week or next week.

One of these days I will get my shit together, sooner rather than later, I hope!

7 thoughts on “I Suck At Updating

    1. I think it’s something in our DNA. When we’re intently focused on one task or project, everything else automatically gets put on hold, or conveniently forgotten. Mom does the same thing.


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