The Knit List: Sock Patterns

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Someday, before I die, I would like to learn how to knit a pair socks.

I have tried, and failed miserably. My apprehension about knitting with double-pointed needles is what brought my first and only attempt to a screeching halt. But I still want to try again. That is, when I have more time to concentrate on learning how. In the meantime, I will continue to look for patterns via the internet, through knitting magazines and in books to add to The Knit List (aka – my knitting bucket list).

Here are a few that I really like:

  • Inlay. This pattern states the construction for these is “quite simple.” I really like the crisscross pattern.
  • Owlie Socks. This pattern is available through Ravelry as a free download. I just love the cute owl pattern repeated throughout the sock.
  • Lingerie. I’m not sure if I’ve ever thought of any sock as being pretty before, but this pattern sure fits the bill.
  • Pom Pom Peds. For a bit of nostalgia. I wore them as a kid. Do they still even make these???
  • Simple Knitted Socks. A sock pattern for beginners. I love the examples shown by the different knitters. Especially love the ones done by wrenknits. They just look like a comfy pair of socks.
  • Self-Striping Knit Socks. A pattern from Red Heart using their Heart and Sole yarn. Striped socks are always fun.
  • Slippers. A really cute pair of slippers, also from Red Heart yarn.

How do you feel about knitting socks? Do you have a favorite go-to pattern? What do you like/hate about working on socks?

7 thoughts on “The Knit List: Sock Patterns

  1. I like this particular ambition, learning how to knit a pair of socks before you die sounds like a very realistic goal to me. I think you’ll manage to learn how to knit all the styles you listed before then.


  2. Absolutely. Knitting socks is so much easier than you think! I’m known to suffer from “SSS” (second sock syndrome), and so have TWO socks on the go at all times, each on their own set of dpns. Magic loop seems anything but magical to me– I just use the lightest sets of bamboo needles I can get my hands on.

    The very best method to learn socks is by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, aka “The Yarn Harlot”. Her Basic Sock Recipe is so straightforward, and absolutely foolproof. If it weren’t, I’d be barefoot!

    Check out her Ravelry patterns, or pick up her book, “Knitting Rules”. You won’t regret it!! She is a wonderful writer, and so full of good humour.

    Happy knitting!– Heather (Candygirlflies)


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