Short List: Book Bloggers


[image by: Maegan Tintari]

Book blogs have been around for quite a while. I like them for a number reasons. First, they’re a great way to discover new books, or even old ones that you may have never heard of before. Second, I love to read other people’s thoughts on a particular book that I’m either thinking about buying, in the process of reading or have already finished.

Book review blogs are also a great tool for authors to promote their books. Each blog is different, so if you’re an author looking to get the word out on your new release, be sure to carefully read each blog’s submission guidelines and review policies.  *Note: Not all of the below blogs accept submissions for reviews.

Here’s a short list of a few book blogs that I’ve come across:

  • The Book Hookup. They focus on reviewing books by indie authors. A variety of genres: Romance, paranormal, new adult, YA, etc.
  • Reading For Sanity. This blog seems to review a wide variety – from nonfiction to fiction.
  • Horror Novel Reviews. This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can read all about horror here, from book reviews to interviews as well as opinions on the genre.
  • The Romance Reviews. Hate to state the obvious, but this one’s all about the romance.
  • Bookslut. An online magazine that includes reviews of literary fiction and nonfiction, author interviews, and other book-related content.
  • Murder! She Read. This blogger reads a lot and reviews the cozy mystery novels she buys.
  • SF Signal. Book reviews for you science fiction lovers out there.

So, do you read book blogs? If so, go ahead and add a link to your favorite book review site below in the comments section.

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