A Change In Direction

So, I have some updates I thought I’d talk about.

First is my Good Reads reading challenge. I’m currently three books behind schedule. Writing has taken over my life lately and I don’t think I’m going to actually complete the challenge this year. Unless I start reading shorter books, maybe change to picture books. Do those count? Anyway, I started reading Folly Beach back in June or July, and I’m still not finished – not because I don’t like the book, but due to a lack of time and energy for reading.

***Plan of action: From here on out I’m going to designate at least 30 minutes of fiction reading a day and see how far I get in my challenge.

My second update has to do with knitting. I have pretty much given up on it. Not intentionally, mind you. It has just worked out that way. Still haven’t finished my Le Gran stole, which is just utterly ridiculous considering how easy the pattern is. I really love to knit, but there are just not enough hours in the day to squeeze in everything I want to get done. In the past, I would do most of my knitting while watching TV. However, I don’t watch that much TV anymore. A good indicator as to why I don’t knit as much these days.

***Plan of action: Finish the Le Gran stole. Knit during episodes of Real Housewives and Project Runway. (I like to fill my TV viewing time with riveting, thought-provoking content as you can see).

The third update has to do with writing. The tagline for this blog is Reading. Writing. Knitting. Lately, I’ve only been focusing on one of those things, so it might be time to change the tagline. Since I’m going in the direction of becoming a published author, the majority of the posts on this blog are going to be about that subject. So the topics of reading and knitting are going to have to take some time off for now.

***Plan of action: Keep writing. Get published. Change tagline.

I’m sure you will be sleeping better tonight now that you’ve been fully informed and updated to my current status and plans of action. 😉

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