Bring On The Rejection

I’ve been pretty busy lately. A little too busy to blog. I’ve been working on my project list mentioned in my last post. Mainly, I’ve spent time working on a short romance story as well as reworking and brainstorming ideas for the novel I was working on. I’m happy to say that today I mailed off my short story The Setup” for submission to a magazine.

This is the first piece of writing that I’ve ever submitted, so it’s kinda scary and exciting. It’ll be very nice if the magazine accepts the manuscript. I mean it would be pretty awesome to actually be published for the first time and even better – get paid for it! But I made sure to include my self-addressed stamped envelope along with the manuscript so the magazine can promptly send out the rejection letter.

Rejection is a big part of the writing process and I figure if I keep my expectations low and assume the worst, I won’t be too dejected when I do receive the dreaded rejection letter.

In the meantime, I’m moving right onto the next project, and it’s a big one. I’ll be working on the novel. Originally, I had an idea for a horror short story for entry into a contest, but since the ideas have been flowing for my romance novel, I have decided to put the horror project on hold for now.

Jumping right into the next project is the best thing to do. It’ll keep me occupied while I wait for that SASE to arrive in my mailbox.

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