A Word About Gone Girl

gone girl

Months and months ago, through my library, I put myself on the Kindle hold list for Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I heard and read rave reviews about this book and couldn’t wait to read it. I was number 343 (or something along those lines) on the hold list. Clearly I wasn’t the only one looking forward to reading it. Last week it finally became available and I finished the book last night.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this novel. I did give it three stars on Good Reads because overall I did like it. The ending was a huge let down and I felt a certain level of dissatisfaction with it – the ending that is. When I read the final word to this story, my one and only thought was are you fucking kidding me? But then a couple of hours later I realized this was a dark book and a twisted ending was the only way to go.

I can’t give much of a review of the book because it’ll give too much away, but I can give you some basic info.

The novel is about Nick and Amy Dunne, a once supposed happy New York couple, who are now having major marital problems. Nick loses his job as a magazine writer and then his mother becomes sick. He and Amy move back to his rundown Missouri hometown, and that’s when their marriage problems get worse. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy goes missing. Nick soon becomes the main suspect. His behavior is pretty questionable in the early days of her disappearance, which of course lead the police to suspect Nick killed his wife.

The first half of the book is told through two points of view, Nick’s narrative as well as Amy’s diary entries from the past few years. Through these two POVs, you learn a lot about these characters, and you’re also perplexed by them. I have to say, the main characters in this book are NOT at all likeable. In fact, I was about thirty percent into the book and was ready to give up because I just couldn’t deal with them anymore.

The great plot twists are what kept me reading, though. The second half really picked up and I couldn’t seem to put it down. I feel like I can’t say much more without throwing out some spoilers, so I’ll just quit while I’m ahead.

The bottom line is, for me, this was a hard book to get into, but I think it was worth the time to read it. If you like deeply, psychologically flawed characters and well-written stories with interesting plot twists, then this is a must read.

2 thoughts on “A Word About Gone Girl

  1. I agree! I stuck it out even though I hated the characters. Once I finished (and hated the ending, too) I realized that Flynn still managed to keep me reading despite the character dislike. Props to her writing. But, I liked Sharp Objects better.


    1. I’ve heard that a lot – that Sharp Objects is better. I haven’t read any of her other books yet, but plan to do so. Flynn’s writing is really good.


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