Book Review: Sanctuary by Nora Roberts

a creative yarn

I was once a huge Nora Roberts fan, but I stopped reading her books years ago. Her story lines were becoming stale, at least to me, so I lost interest. Some time after that, I lost all interest in romance novels and moved on to mysteries.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the mood to read a quick romance and decided to give Nora a try again. I chose Sanctuary. The plot line sounded interesting and it was one of the few Nora Roberts books available for my Kindle as a library loan.

Sanctuary is a story about Jo Ellen Hathaway. She’s a photographer in her late 20s whose dealing with some demons from her past. When she was a child, her mother disappeared. After a long investigation, the police could find no signs of foul play, so it was decided that she left on her own accord. Well this tore the family apart and eventually Jo became estranged from them and moved away.

She became a famous photographer and life was going well until she started receiving mysterious photos. They were always shots of her in various places, and of course this creeps her out. The last package of photos she receives includes one of her mother, who happens to be dead in the shot. This sends her over the edge. After a brief stint in the hospital, she decides to go to Sanctuary, the family home in Georgia. There, she is reunited with her family, who aren’t exactly warm and fuzzy when she arrives.

At first, she doesn’t tell anyone what’s happened to her or about the photo of her mother, which has disappeared and she’s not even sure existed in the first place. She begins to think she’s really going crazy. Of course, she meets a guy – Nathan – who has issues of his own. Rather than spilling more details, I’ll just say his secrets come out and eventually he helps Jo solve the mystery of what happened to her mother.

I really did like this book, although a little predictable (I figured out early on who was sending the pictures). It was a fairly quick read and had the right amount of suspense mixed in with red hot romance to keep the pace of the story going. All in all an entertaining read.

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