The Rules of Blogging

I had an epiphany the other day about blogging.

Since I started A Creative Yarn, I’ve been struggling with what kind of blog it should be. Is it a craft blog? Is it a lifestyle blog? Or should I force it to fit into some other category entirely? Force myself to stick with a particular format and write posts that sound, well, rather forced.

This is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. Ha! Truth be told it really doesn’t, but I found myself spending more time than need be wondering and overthinking the concept of this blog.

I’ve read a few books about blogging, participated in free online classes, even paid for a class once. They all pretty much have the same ideas. Much of the advice I’ve read is about driving traffic to your site, creating editorial calendars so you have a steady stream of content, social media, the importance of ALWAYS adding photos to your posts, brainstorming blog post ideas, tips on photography, and the type of content you should be posting.

The one thing I’ve never liked about blogging is the feeling that I should conform to the so called “blogging rules” of limiting your topics, posting often, constantly checking analytics, and promote, promote, promote. It’s so easy to get caught up in comparing your blog to another one. In the past, I have wasted hours upon hours studying other blogs to figure out why one is more successful than the other.  Unless you plan on being a professional blogger, blogging shouldn’t be a time-consuming activity.

Blogging is a creative outlet for me – one of many actually – so I want it to be an enjoyable hobby, not something that eats up my time.

Now, that brings me back to my epiphany about blogging. I’ve decided to say f*ck the rules and make up my own. I’m taking the pressure off and doing my own thing from now on. If one day I want to post a craft project I will. If the next day I want to write about a new book I’m reading, or how my diet is going, or post pictures of the dog getting a bath, or write a post that is all words and no pictures (yes, I said no pictures)  then by God I will,  and I will enjoy myself.

Here are my rules for blogging (in no particular order of importance):

  • I will post as frequently or infrequently as I want. 
  • Photos are optional. If I have a pic that I can incorporate into a post then great, but if I don’t, I’m not going to lose sleep over it.
  • And speaking of photos – I’m not a professional photographer, so bad lighting or blurry shots will not deter me from using them in a post.
  • Posting about any topic is encouraged. I have a lot of interests, so I’m not going to limit what I write about to just one category. 
  • I’m going to keep the checking up on stats/analytics to a minimum. Checking once a month sounds reasonable to me.
  • Have fun and don’t worry about what others think or what other bloggers are writing about. People are either going to like your blog or not, plain and simple.

How do you feel about the blogging rules? Are you a follower, a trailblazer or someone in between?

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