A Reading Challenge For 2013

Something I need to do more of is read. I have two main excuses for not picking up a book more often – either I have no time to read or I’m just too tired.

If you’re a member of Good Reads then you’re probably familar with their annual reading challenge. It allows you to set a goal of how many books you want to read for the year and tracks your progress. Last year I challenged myself to read 20 books. If I’m lucky, I read maybe 3 to 5 books. Not impressive.

This year I’ve set a new challenge – read 25 books. I believe this is doable, and there’s no reason for me not to reach my goal. I just need to be a little more creative with my time.

For this year’s challenge, I’ll be starting out with the book A Cottage By The Sea by Ciji Ware. I have no idea what the book is about, but I’m going on the recommendation of my aunt, who did enjoy the book. When I do finish it, I’ll fill you in and let you know what I think.

How about you? Have you set any reading goals for yourself? In what creative ways do you find the time to squeeze in a little reading?

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