Craft Book Chronicles: I Made Some Pin Cushions


I have an obsession with pin cushions. It seems to be a bit of an odd obsession for someone who doesn’t sew. That is, up until now. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I was working on a hand sewing project – that being the larger of the two pin cushions pictured above.

A year or so ago, I bought the book Pretty Little Pin Cushions, which is filled with the cutest projects created by a variety of crafters. I wanted to learn to sew and thought starting with a small project like a pin cushion would be perfect for me. Not too complicated – actually a fairly easy project – and something I can sew by hand. Sitting hunched over a sewing machine doesn’t appeal to me at all. However, sitting crossed legged on the couch with needle and thread in hand is more up my alley.

Well, I have finally gotten around to teaching myself how to sew. I opted to try what appeared to be one of the easier, less complicated projects in the book to start out with – the Sweet Dreams pin cushion designed by Toni Weber. The project is pretty straight forward – cut a couple pieces of fabric, sew them together, stuff it, and tuft it. I can handle that.


The first one I made was the size the project instructions called for. I’ve had this fall-inspired leaf fabric for about as long as I’ve had this book, so I used it for the top of the cushion and a coordinating orangy check fabric for the bottom. When I picked up the fabric, I also bought some orange buttons to match, which I used for the center. The thread I used for the tufting is vintage embroidery floss that belonged to my grandmother. I was afraid it would break while I was wrapping it around the cushion, but it held up really well.


I was happy with the outcome of this project. It was really easy, particularly for a beginner, and only took a couple hours to complete. Instant gratification, and I think I like sewing because of that. Well, I was so impressed with myself, and feeling quite cocky about my so called new-found skills, that I decided to try to make another one.


I had some fabric left over from my Bee project and decided to make a smaller, more compact pin cushion. Interestingly enough, this one didn’t go too smoothly. I had a really hard time getting the corners stuffed on this one as well as sewing up the seam. Three of the corners ended up rounded with the fourth being really pointy. It’s also no longer square shaped as it’s a little more narrow on one side. I don’t know what went wrong – perhaps my cockiness got the better of me. I still like it even though it’s not perfect. And although I have a lot to learn about this craft, I think sewing is my new favorite hobby.

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