Evolution of the Bee – Part One

The bee. It seems like eons ago when I started the bee. In fact, it was kind of a long time ago – January 2010 to be exact. Of course, the bee I’m speaking of is an embroidery project I decided to undertake almost 2 years ago in an effort to teach myself how to stitch.

Learning embroidery beyond the stamped samplers I tried as a kid has been on my craft to do list, and my interest in stitching lies more in free-form type embroidery or working with iron-on transfers rather than counted cross stitch. I’m particularly drawn to vintage style transfers like the bee.

So along I went, armed with the proper stitching paraphernalia, a new collection of DMC threads, and some of my mother’s stitching books to get me started.

As with any new venture, I was incredibly enthusiastic in the beginning. But then as everyday life got in the way, the bee ended up on the back burner for a long while.


So I whittled away at it off and on for almost 2 years. I managed to finish the actual embroidery probably within a year, working on it in between other side projects I had started.

Then, the piece sat in a closet waiting to be made into something. It stayed in that closet for quite some time.

To Be Continued…

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