Craft Book Chronicles: Learning Cables

learning how to knit cables with vanna's choice yarn by lion brand

Recently, I was organizing some of my craft books, namely my knitting books, and happened upon several technique-specific books that I purchased some time ago. I have several books on sock making, a book on learning lace knitting, and a book on learning how to do cable knitting.

Learning how to do cables is something I’ve wanted to learn since I started knitting many years ago. They always seemed so complicated to me, and I just never got around to trying it out. A couple of weeks ago I picked up several skeins of Vanna’s Choice yarn by Lion Brand. I really like the colors of this yarn and have been wondering what it’s like to knit with, so I decided to use it for my cable practice swatches.

learning how to knit cables using vanna's choice yarn by lion brand

The first two swatches I did – the mustard one and the purple one – were fairly easy to do as they were mock cables. By the time I finished those two, I decided that I really liked the yarn. It’s 100% acrylic and I was expecting it to be a bit scratchy or itchy, but it’s fairly soft and easy to work with.

I moved onto attempting an actual cable pattern. This was called the “simple 8-stitch cable”, and it was fairly easy to do. In fact, I was pretty impressed with myself at first. But at some point I goofed up about two-thirds of the way into my swatch.

learning how to knit cables using vanna's choice yarn by lion brand

I’m not exactly sure what I did, but if you look real close, just past the halfway point towards the top of the swatch, the cabling is a bit different. It almost looks like an owl’s face.

With some more practice I’ll get the hang of it and then I can venture into some of the nice projects included in the book. Maybe I’ll move on to learning how to knit socks after I’ve mastered cables, but I’ll need to get over my fear of using double-pointed needles before that’ll happen.

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